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Do I need to be fully vaccinated to attend the September shows?

As it currently stands you do not need to be fully vaccinated to attend. 

Our current entry requirements do require presentation of the NHS Covid Pass which includes proof of one of the following:

  • A negative lateral flow test [within 48 hours of the event]
      • These tests are free and can be easily accessed via either your local pharmacy or online.
  • A negative PCR test [within 48 hours of the event]
  • Proof of natural immunity by way of a positive PCR test [at least 180 days ago]. 
  • Completion of a  full course (both jabs) of vaccination [at least 14 days ahead of the event]
Do I need to wear a face covering/practice social distancing at the September shows?

You will not be required to wear a face covering while attending the event, however we advise visitors to be responsible, and wear a mask where they feel appropriate.

What if I haven’t been offered a vaccine?

We understand that not all our guests will have received a vaccination yet, but you can still attend our September shows, as long as you’re able to provide proof of a negative lateral flow or PCR test (within 48 hours of entry) via the COVID Pass.